Starting today, there’s so much more you can do on Careem NOW, our delivery app. Discover our upgraded, super-smooth booking and tracking features, and order anything you need, exactly when and where you need it – all in a few quick easy taps.

And with Careem Box moving to Careem NOW, we’re celebrating with a 20% introductory price! Enjoy our new Pick & Drop and Shop & Drop services – where we’ll purchase and deliver anything you need. In addition to the food delivery you love, open the Careem NOW app and you can ‘Order Anything’ with:

Pick & Drop
Need documents delivered every week, or did you reach the airport without your passport? Want lunch from home delivered to you daily? Arrange pick-up & drop-off in a few taps, and we’re on the way.

Shop & Drop
Out of eggs and milk every weekend? Need late-night snacks every Thursday or a Panadol straight away? Done. Tell us what to purchase, where from and we’ll get it to your door.

Your wish is our command! Ready to try it out?

Download your Careem NOW app and get anything delivered – right away. It’s all waiting for you on your Careem NOW delivery app 😉



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