Our app just got a major refresh!

It’s 2018, and about time your favourite car booking app looks the part. We always aim to make your life easier and this time we looked at our app to find ways of simplifying your experience: from booking to dropoff, to paying for your ride, we’re getting a refresh!

So what’s new?

Smoother pickup

Once your pickup location is confirmed, you can add specific details to make it even easier for your Captain to locate you, like your building name, street number, or the nearest entrance to the mall!

Your type of ride

There’s always a ride ready to meet your needs. Pick the ride of your choice from the new menu at the bottom of the booking screen.  

Scheduling simplified

Plan ahead and schedule your ride for later with a new, simpler date and time picker. This feature will depend on the car you’ve selected.

Know where to and how much

Easily search for your dropoff location by typing the name, or dragging the map. Once added, you’ll see the estimated fare for your ride.

Pay your way

Decide how you want to pay from a new menu or add your own payment method of choice. Pay with cash, by card, or choose to automatically pay with your Careem credit.


The new look will be rolled out gradually, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to update your Careem app!

Chalo, let’s go!