Our Customers can now book trips for as little as QAR 7.5, which is 10% lower than previous fares. This means that a trip from Old Airport to Westbay will fall from QAR 15 to QAR 14, compared to QAR 16 on other apps. Savings on longer trips are even more attractive, and Customers can catch a ride with Careem GO from Al Nasr to Mall of Qatar for just QAR 24, down from QAR 27 & compared to QAR 29 in other apps.

The reduced fares are a win-win for our Customers and Captains in Qatar. We’re bringing ride-hailing options to more people without compromising on experience or reliability. And we’re preserving earnings for Captains, as we decreased our margins to ensure that Captains earn more than 80% of the trip fare.

We introduced these reduced fares in response to the increased demand for rides in Qatar, which has exceeded supply during peak hours and will only grow further as we get closer to the Fifa World Cup. The more affordable fares open up the Careem platform to more people across Qatar and provide more business for Careem’s hard-working Captains. 

We’re proud to offer Customers in Qatar a range of ride-hailing options, from an affordable option through GO to more convenient ride experiences with Careem Comfort and Careem Max.  

You can now also access Qatar’s best restaurants through Careem Food available on the Careem app. There’s no need to upload payment details, as the Careem app allows you to use multiple daily services with one set of payment details as well as pre-saved locations and preferences.