Frequently Asked Questions on Safety

What is in-ride insurance?
In-ride insurance, also called Personal Accident Insurance, is a ‘pay and claim’ insurance policy which covers individuals (passengers and Captains) in the case of death or serious injury.  The policy covers medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident during a Careem ride.

Our in-ride insurance provides additional cover, over the Captain’s own vehicle insurance policy and gives greater peace of mind to our captains, customers, and their families.

This is not to be confused with motor vehicle insurance. Motor vehicle insurance is a separate policy and legally required to be held by Captains.

Why is Careem providing in-ride insurance?

  • To live by our brand value which prioritises safety and the protection of its stakeholders
  • To provide added value & support to Captains and their families if there is a serious accident and in the critical times that may follow
  • To provide support and assistance to passengers and their families if there is a serious accident while they are in-ride with Careem

In which countries does the in-ride insurance policy apply and for what vehicle types?
In-ride insurance is currently available for cars in all markets except UAE. As for buses, bikes, Tuk Tuks and golf carts, in-ride insurance is available only in Egypt.

In geographies not covered by our in-ride insurance policy, customers and Captains are covered under the Captain’s own motor vehicle insurance policy.

What is covered exactly under the insurance policy?

  • Accidental death
  • Disability due to an accident
  • Funeral and ambulance coverage
  • Medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident

What are the payout limits?

There are different coverage limits for each geography.  Please contact the Third Party Administrator in your geography.

When are Captains & passengers covered?

  • Captains are covered when they are on their way to pick up a passenger, and while they are in-ride with a passenger (i.e. app is not set to ‘busy’)
  • Up to four passengers per car are covered throughout their ride with Careem.

Are there any situations where the policy won’t cover me?
We have made sure that the policy is comprehensive but there are certain situations where the policy won’t cover you.  For example, you won’t be covered if you’re under the influence of alcohol, drugs – there is self-harm, a deliberate exposure to danger, your own criminal acts etc.

Bike passengers and captains are not covered if no helmet is worn at the time of the accident.

What should I do in case of an accident?
In the unlikely chance that you or a loved one is injured in a road traffic accident during a Careem ride, contact the emergency services and get to a medical facility, insurance will reimburse the expenses.

Otherwise, on the Careem app, go to:  menu / General Policies / safety & security / In-ride insurance FAQs

How can I contact a Third Party Administrator to make a claim?

The Third Party Administrators contact details are:

COUNTRYThird Party Administrator CONTACT DETAILS
Saudi ArabiaGlobe Med Gulf
+966-920 020 252
EgyptGlobe Med Egypt 16784
Pakistan Health E-connex+92-211 1126 6639
All other markets (except UAE)
Neuron+971 800 4408