Safety measures for Captains


  • All customers must create profiles with Careem before being able to request a ride.
  • Captain to customer rating is available for an extra peace of mind
  • We geofence dangerous areas, which ensures that you are not picking up or dropping a customer in these areas


  • Got an issue? Need help? We have dedicated, multilingual Captain support lines which are accessible throughout your ride
    • All safety & security related issues are managed by our dedicated safety & Security Operations Centre (SSOC) team – available 24/7
  • We are rolling out an in-app alert button to provide that extra piece of mind.  In an emergency such as a car crash or medical issue pressing the button will take you straight to our SSOC team
  • Our Captains (including bikes) are covered by our life/injury insurance when in-ride [visit our FAQ page for more information on our in-ride insurance: this coverage is not available in all markets]
  • Our in-house navigation platform provides you with step-by-step directions as to how to get to your destination, allowing you to focus less on directions and more on getting there safely


  • Our team of dedicated professionals, from the Safety & Security team to our SSOC specialists are here to make sure our customers and Captains have a safe and pleasant experience as possible
  • Helping to keep our communities safe, we actively support law enforcement agencies with basic trip information when formally requested