Safety measures for Customers


  • Our Captains go through a rigorous screening process and background check.
  • Before your Captain arrives, we send you their details, which include your Captain’s photo, name, rating, vehicle type, and plate number.
  • Captains attend mandatory training sessions to provide them with instructions and guidance on smooth driving as well as following standard safety and security protocols in the unlikely event of an incident.
  • Our Captains’ vehicles are assessed and the insurance is confirmed prior to their onboarding.


  • Our telematics technology (which monitors driver behaviour) is under development. Telematics can detect and evaluate our Captains’ driving skills in real-time to make sure your ride is as safe and smooth as possible. It also allows Careem to proactively coach our Captains to improve their driving skills while identifying Captains whose skills are not up to our standards.
  • Got an issue during the ride and need help?  If you have any issues during a ride, you can contact our 24/7 multilingual Safety & Security Operations Centre (SSOC) specialists. Simply tap ‘Contact us’ in the app
  • Each trip is tracked in real time. Share your ride with friends and family to let them know you are on the way, and they can track your ride on the web.
  • We geofence our app to avoid dangerous neighborhoods.
  • Child seats are available in Careem Kids’ cars to keep your little Careemers safe. (This is not available in all markets – see here for where this service is available)
  • Customers and Captains are covered by our life/injury insurance when in-ride [visit our FAQ page for more information on our in-ride insurance. Coverage is not available in all markets].


  • Your rating of our Captains are super important! They help identify Captains for reward or removal from our platform.
  • Our extensive ‘mystery shopper’ program checks vehicles, driving skills, customer service, and documentation to make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Our team of dedicated professionals, from the Safety & Security team to our SSOC specialists, is here to make sure our customers and Captains have as safe and pleasant experience as possible.   
  • In order to help keep our communities safe, we actively support law enforcement agencies with basic trip information when formally requested.

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