Gold customers can now send money to any UAE bank account!

Whether you’d like to pay back a friend for lunch, settle your bill with your carpenter or pay a vendor, the new feature on Careem takes the hassle out of these money transfers. Using just a contact’s phone number, select Gold customers can now securely send money to anyone with a UAE bank account – no transfer charges!

How to Send Money:

  • Tap the Careem Pay icon at the bottom of your app home screen.
  • Tap “Send Money”.
  • Choose your contact or enter their phone number.
  • Specify your amount.
  • Add a personalised message with an awesome GIF or selfie.
  • Select the saved debit or credit card to use.


How to Receive Money:

  • You will be notified by SMS and a notification in your Careem app
  • Tap on the notification
  • Tap on Receive Money and select a Bank Account or Careem Wallet
  • Confirm, and you’re done!

To add a bank account, all they need to do is select their bank on Careem and enter their details (account number, IBAN) in a few quick steps.

Things to know:

  • All transfers follow the same high security measures as any payment made on Careem.
  • Bank transfers will take approximately 2 working days.
  • When you send money, a temporary hold will be placed on your card. If the receiver doesn’t accept the transfer within 7 days, we’ll release the amount back to your card.
  • Transfers can be sent from UAE-issued cards only and received in UAE bank accounts or as Careem Credits.Valid only from UAE issued cards to UAE bank accounts.
  • Careem Credit cannot be used to send bank transfers.

Once the amount is accepted as Careem Credit, it can’t be transferred to a bank account.

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