Sharjah Careem booking – an important update

At Careem, our priority is to consistently offer an awesome experience to customers. Due to the recent high demand in Sharjah, we are working to get more cars approved to better serve you.

As we do this, we will temporarily be ceasing our on-demand service (Now booking).

As of October 21st, we will only be offering our pre-scheduled service (Later booking) in Sharjah, however at a lower minimum charge of AED38 to support during this temporary change. Later bookings can be made one hour in advance to your desired pick-up time.


What is a Later booking?
Later booking is our advanced booking service that can be booked through our app.

How can I book Later?
To make a Later booking, enter your pick up location, select the clock icon at the bottom right and select a pickup time, enter your drop off location and click Schedule Careem.  

How much time in advance should I book a Later booking?
Please book your ride at least one hour in advance to your desired pick-up time.

What is the cost for booking Later?
We have lowered our minimum charge for Later bookings in Sharjah to AED38.

Starting: AED18
Moving (per km): AED2.24
Waiting (per hour): AED64.4
Cancellation: AED40*

(*Grace time for cancellation is 45 minutes prior to pick up time.)

Why are you suddenly switching off Now bookings?
Due to the recent high demand in Sharjah, and as we work on ramping up our fleet and getting more cars approved and on the road, we will be switching off the Now booking option until further notice to ensure the service is optimal.