Super Zone: All your questions answered

What is a Super Zone?

Super Zones are high-demand locations that are pre-scheduled and guaranteed by Careem during certain hours and days of the week.


Why were Super Zones created?

Super Zones were created to help you plan ahead and be in the best places for maximum earnings.


What are the advantages of Super Zones?

It’s easy. All you have to do is go to a Super Zone.

It’s fast. There’s no need to spend long hours. Just come to a Super Zone, take one trip and earn more.

You can plan ahead. We communicate Super Zones in advance, so you’ll know where to go.


When should I check Super Zones and timings?

Check the Incentive Inbox one day in advance or the same day that you head out for work.

Super Zones are not always available every day. It is only scheduled for days and times when an area will have high demand.


Where in the Captain app do I check for Super Zones and timings?

  1. Tap on Captain Portal.
  2. Tap on Incentive Inbox.
  3. Scroll for the day you want and tap on “Up to 1.2 Peak”.
  4. Scroll to see different Super Zones for every hour after selecting the DCT.


What is the difference between Super Zones and other incentives like a guarantee & bonus?

Super Zones only have one requirement. Just take a trip in a specific location to earn more.

*Remember, the higher earning only applies to that trip and every other trip from inside a Super Zone.


What is the difference between Super Zones and Peak trips?

You earn more when you are in a Super Zone or Peak, but they are very different:

Super Zone Peak
Planned Automatic
Paid by Careem Paid by Customer
Guaranteed Changes constantly


What happens if a Super Zone and a Peak are in the same area?

You will be paid the higher factor for the trip taken in that zone whether it is a Super Zone or Peak.


What happens if I accept a booking while on my way to the Super Zone?

You will be paid the normal trip fare. You must be inside the Super Zone to get paid the guarantee.

We advise you to go online when you are inside the Super Zone.


How can I tell the difference between Super Zones and Peak on the map?

Super Zones are shown within a green border.

Peak is shown in red.


What if I check Incentive Inbox and there are no Super Zones?

This means that there are no Super Zones scheduled for the next day.