The Careem Effect: How our alumni are shaping the region’s startup landscape

Over a decade ago, we embarked on a mission to simplify lives and build an awesome organisation that inspires. Little did we know that we’d also cultivate a community of talented entrepreneurs, driven to revolutionise multiple industries across the region.  

Uber’s acquisition of Careem in 2020 led to an infusion of resources and generated funds for many of our former colleagues. With a shared sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge gained at Careem, over 100 of our alumni launched their own ventures, spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship far and wide.

Popularly known as the Careem Mafia, similar to the legendary Paypal Mafia, these talented individuals have helped continuously fuel the startup ecosystem in our region. They have ventured into diverse sectors including fintech, mobility, logistics, e-commerce, e-learning and more in over 20 countries globally. In the region, KSA, Egypt, Pakistan and the UAE especially have seen a burst of activity and support for startup funding thanks in part to their efforts. 

CNN International recently partnered with Dubai’s Department of Economy to spotlight the impact of Careem’s alumni. Check out the feature with our CEO and co-founder, Mudassir Sheikha, Careem’s alumni, Sammy Hassan, co-founder of NoLemons, and Danny Laczo, co-founder of Swapp, and Philip Bahoshy, CEO of venture data platform MAGNiTT.





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