Careem Lebanon – here’s why.

The Lebanese views and coastal roads are spectacular. Driving along the beautiful scenery whether it’s in the city, next to a mountain or coast, wherever you are, you won’t be bored. Day and night the view is breathtaking and Instagram worthy.

From the city lights to the colorful buildings, Lebanon always has something interesting to offer.

But what happens when you’re driving around in your car, get into a hole and break your cars’ wheels? or get your cars scratched? or even freak out in the middle of the traffic because you cannot go left or right and every other car is squeezing yours?

Each family here in Lebanon has a minimum of two cars per household. It’s no secret that the roads are tight, there are almost no parking spots, and if you hit the jackpot with a golden parking spot it will be claimed by someone else.

Why all the stress and risk you car’s well-being and shine? Why take it out multiple times a day all year long?

  • Parking is not a walk in the park

Imagine when you need to grab something quick from the mini market or pharmacy. Maybe getting to a doctor’s appointment in Hamra? Even heading to a meeting in Ashrafieh? Save those side mirrors and scratches by booking a Careem.

  • Gaming on the go

Most of the roads are mined with holes and bumps. If you consider yourself a good driver, you’ll be playing Mario Kart in real life and probably get away. Else, if you consider yourself a mediocre driver, you will totally get into one and risk damaging your car. Would you like to play the game or take a relaxed ride in a Careem? You choose which to play.

  • That variety of jam

No, not the one that you spread on bread. The ones that involve loads of cars, bikes and trucks. This is the inevitable truth. Whether you are driving or someone else is, there is no escape from a traffic jam. Scientists say that relaxing at the back seat is healthier for you, so don’t drive on weekdays (or weekends). Our captains are at your service!


Save your car.
Save your day.
Book your Careem!