Tips against Cyber Security Fraud

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and cybercriminals continue to develop insidious ways to breach security. Fraud committed against customers is a growing threat and cybercriminals can drain enormous funds from such cyberattacks in just a few minutes. 

While Careem has implemented strong security controls to adapt and evolve its security defense to stay ahead of threats, Security Awareness is one of the key measures to prevent incidents from happening. 

Tips to protect against Phishing & Online Fraud

  • Do not share any confidential information through suspicious emails, websites, social media networks, text messages or phone calls. Careem and its service agents will never ask for your personal data (Password, Pin) or Credit Card information or OTP through any channel like phone call, SMS or email.

  • If you notice any such suspicious activity seeking your confidential data (through SMS, call, email), immediately report it here under Cyber Security service. 
  • Ensure you are securely entering your OTP, Credit Card or bank account details while transacting through Careem App or while leveraging any of Careem’s products.
  • Ensure your mobile devices are up to date with security updates and the latest version of applications installed to ensure smooth transaction.

  • Always remember that requests expressing an urgent need such as account reset or identity verification through a phone number or email are, most of the time, part of phishing scams conducted by fraudsters to capture your confidential account information and commit fraud.

We urge you to stay safe and avoid falling prey to social engineering attempts of Phishing that bring organizations and their customers to a standstill. Your awareness and alertness will ensure your information remains protected and this will help in strengthening our human firewall.


#BeCyberSmart: If you See Something, Say Something, and report any suspicious activity here under Cyber Security service.



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