Tips on how to get around during #AbuDhabiGP

Great news for all the #AbuDhabiGP fans!

We’ve worked hard with the different venues across Yas Island to make sure it is super easy for you to identify our pick up and drop off locations to, from, and within Yas Island. To guarantee a smoother experience, here’s what you need to know:

1. We have installed our main pickup and drop off signs on the island. These are your ways in and out of Yas Island.

– You can get picked up or dropped off by your Careem Captain at the East Grandstand Yas Marina entrance or at the main roundabout getting into Yas Marina Yacht Club, Yas Marina Pickup. Both points are snapped and currently live on our app as per the reference below.

– You can also make your way to our Careem Lounge at Yas Mall and book your rides to/from there.

– A last pickup/drop off point is available at Yas Hotel.

2. Once you get to Yas Island, you can get from one location to the other with:

– Careem shuttle buggies, as well as Yas shuttles, that will help you get around within the Yas Marina/Yas Marina Circuit, and to/from our main pickup or drop off points mentioned above.

When needed, make your way to our kiosk at Yas Marina in front of the Cipriani entrance and we’d be more than happy to assist you. And, don’t forget, you can always pre-schedule your trip to ensure your ride and avoid peak time 😉

So, yalla book your rides and enjoy a weekend full of fun!