Careem and TransAD launch programme to provide new income opportunity for Emirati workforce in Abu Dhabi

In collaboration with TransAD, Careem has introduced a new programme to provide flexible and safe income earning opportunities to Emiratis and children of Emirati women living in Abu Dhabi.

UAE Nationals and children of Emirati women can now opt to register on the Careem platform and drive private vehicles as part of a new initiative to open up jobs to the local workforce. Customers will be able to book rides originating in anywhere in Abu Dhabi and the service will be priced in line with taxis in the Capital. This follows on from Careem’s new pricing structure for the Capital that was announced in May.

Careem has begun an outreach programme targeting UAE nationals and children of Emirati women to promote the new initiative and to invite eligible Emirati Captains to register on their portal – Training sessions will be conducted in Abu Dhabi to upskill Captains on how to use Careem technology; best driving practices; vehicle and road safety and customer service. Careem offers all Captains additional benefits including support for applying for vehicle and health insurance, personal finance training and discounts on fuel and groceries.

Ahead of qualifying to drive for Careem, all Captains go through rigorous screening and background checks including character references and driving history. To qualify for the programme, Captains will need to have local residency, be aged 23 and above and with a minimum of five years’ experience.

Samir Satchu, Senior Director of Government Relations and Public Policy said: “Careem and TransAD are taking a bold step in enabling Emirati participation in the ride-hailing economy with their own private vehicles and at no premium to taxis. This is a first for the UAE. We hope to be able to demonstrate over time that the Careem platform can be a significant driver of local economic empowerment in Abu Dhabi and across some of our other GCC markets such as Kuwait and Bahrain.”

Abu Dhabi has always been a strategic market for Careem, as the second city on our footprint and home to many loyal customers who have supported us since the beginning. As well as being a more affordable way to use our platform, it also welcomes an Emirati workforce and provides new earning opportunities.

Mr. Mohammed Al Qemzi, General Manager of TransAD added: “We have been working closely with our partners at Careem to provide technology enabled mobility in Abu Dhabi since 2013. It’s a great milestone that we can now bring our city more affordable ride hailing options and at the same time empower our UAE National workforce with a new way to earn a regular, flexible income in a safe and regulated environment. We are excited about engaging the sons and daughters of our Capital, Abu Dhabi in this very promising move towards inclusion into the workplace.”