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Supporting the vaccination drive 

Over 5 million vaccine doses have been administered across the UAE, as our country continues to top world charts in daily distribution amongst the population. We are especially grateful for the UAE government’s efforts to have 50% of the community vaccinated by the end of March. 


We’d like to do our part in supporting you and our community during this crucial time by offering 25% off rides to and from any of the public vaccination centres. The parking and waiting situation at the centres tend to be a little hectic, so ease yourself from that stress and book a comfortable ride with code VAX25. More details about the discount can be found here


Rules and information change quite often with the current situation. That’s why we’ve introduced a new informational feature on the homepage of our app; where you can find regularly updated articles on how we’re keeping you safe, our measures on rides to vaccination & testing centres and all other relevant safety topics. All you need to do is scroll down to our “We’re here to help” section.


Explore Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

How can we achieve a sustainable future, in our current age of consumerism? This is one of the key questions Terra, Expo 2020 Dubai’s Sustainability Pavilion aims to answer. Witness the extraordinary structures and experience interactive exhibits depicting humanity’s changing relationship with our environment. 


Our favourite experience has to be the audio-visual journey into the underground ecosystems of forests and oceans (think David Attenborough documentary but in real life). Check out the Instagram highlights from our visit to Terra.


Get an early glimpse of what Expo 2020 has in store at the Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion today. Tickets are priced at just AED 25 per person and can be booked from the official Expo 2020 Dubai website. Ride there with us and use code TERRA to save 20% up to AED 20 each on your journey to and from the pavilion

New flavours have arrived

Our top taste testers are scouring the streets of Dubai to bring you the best restaurants. They’ve come back with a few finds including Eggs & Co, Falafel Karim Sahyoun & Farzi Cafe. But, the tasters are always hungry for new hidden gems, explore all their finds on the Careem app today. Your next order’s delivery fee is on us, use promo code DELIFREE.