Welcome to Ride Packages! The most affordable way to get around Qatar.

Isn’t it awesome when you can buy something in bulk and get a big discount? Now, our Customers in Qatar can do just that with Ride Packages!

Instead of waiting for promotions, you can buy bundles of rides in advance. With our RIde Packages, you’ll save up to 39% on your daily commute. And best of all, you can easily purchase them right in the Careem app.

With six different Ride Packages, traveling around Qatar is more accessible than ever before. Ride Packages also make it easy to plan your daily expenses. Whether you’re going to work, university, school or anywhere else! Careem Ride Packages have got you covered.

So how does it work?

Say you select our 60 Ride Package…


Here’s how much you’d save on every ride:


Here are our Ride Package options:


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If you need help, this is how to buy a Ride Package with promo REWARD25:



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