What are Careem points?

They are not the same credit that you spend during your rides, Careem points, also known as “Careem Rewards” are an extra bonus that you get with every trip you take. Points can be used to get different offers, discounts, vouchers, and can even be donated to do good with the tap of a finger.

Points are more than just points in your app, they’re a charity that contributes in helping your Iraqi brothers and changes their lives positively.

We are proud of partnering with the “Iraq Builders” team to allow you to instantly donate your points with the Careem rewards program within the app.


Who are the “Iraq Builders”?

The Iraq Builders team is a voluntary team that was founded in 2012 that strives to help and support the people in need, especially orphans, widows and internally displaced people.

The team performs many activities to achieve its goals, one of its most profound activities is building roofs and the construction of houses to provide one of the basic rights of a human, which is to live under a safe roof. All of these activities and services are implemented by Iraq Builders’ volunteers, the varied spectrum of volunteers represents a miniature Iraqi community in its differences.

This community is made up of males and females from different age groups, educational backgrounds, religious and intellectual affiliations.

Your points helped in building a home for Um Nabaa!

An inspiring story by Sarah, a member of the Iraq Builders Team:

My name is Sarah Malek, I am 27 years old, the beginning of my career in humanitarian work was with my father when he used to buy food and give it to people in need, or help an ill person. Me and my brothers used to help him, this was the most joyful thing that could happen to us.

When my father passed away, I decided to continue volunteering in my junior year in college, we started a small voluntary team in our university to collect donations and buy clothing for orphans or collect donations that help in providing everyday needs for one family. In my third year of college, I decided to start a bigger team that can help the greatest number of people possible. I wanted to start a neutral team without any religious or political affiliations.

I looked through social media to find what I seek and I came across Iraq Builders team, I got to know more about the team’s activities, then, I participated in teaching children and I saw all the passion that those people showed in teaching and how much positive energy they were carrying to the children, in addition to the strong bond between them. Back then, I knew I was in the right place and they became my second family. I was getting involved in all the team’s activities such as construction, making an orphan’s wish come true, preparing Ramadan’s Futoor meals, giving Eidiya for orphans (providing kids with Eid clothes), relief and medical campaigns.

My goal and purpose in the Iraq Builders team is to reach out to the largest number possible of people in need and help them improve their lives. My life as a volunteer in the Iraq Builders team is a life full of positivity, love and humanity, the most beautiful part is when there is a new mission to build a house for a family, once the house is completed, you can see the joy in their eyes, or when we prepare clothes for orphan children and they choose what they like, they ask for my opinion because they want me to be happy as well.

Careem added a beautiful touch to our team because Careem is very generous with us, one of my favourite types of projects with Careem is construction works.

Imagine providing a young person, widow or full family with a small project that 

fills their needs in such difficult times when it’s hard to find a job. This is due to one of Careem customers’ generous gestures, which is donating their reward points that help building a safe roof and home for a family.

I hope this cooperation lasts so we can help the greatest number of people & change their lives positively.

I’m very proud of our team for being a means of positive change in society, and especially for being a part of this team and being able to change a person’s life for the better which is a great achievement to me.

Finally, I’d like to give a message to Careem customers.. I wish you a blessed, generous Ramadan, many families are waiting for you to help them even with simple things, they need your donations, you can be the reason for bringing joy into their lives by filling their basic needs..

I hope we can all be of help in this blessed month.

Thank you with all our heart for every customer who donated points to Iraq Builders and helped improve people’s lives. Many Iraqi families like Um Nabaa need a roof to shelter them in hot summer days! Be generous in Ramadan, donate your points & let’s help Iraqi people together with Iraq builders.

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