Your ride, their refuge. Careem offers you an easy way to donate to those in need.

Every day, we work to serve people who are going somewhere – going from A to B, or going places with a newfound job opportunity – all in the hopes of moving our whole region towards better living.

But what about those who have nowhere to go?

In partnership with the UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, we’ve created a special car type which will turn your normal ride into an act of kindness. By booking this car type, a tiny amount will be added to your total ride fare, which will be donated to the UNHCR to alleviate some of the harsh circumstances faced by MENA refugees.

The donation amount will vary based on the currency of each country Careem operates in. Please see our FAQ section for more info. The UNHCR car type offers the same comfort and affordability as an Economy booking.

Careem will MATCH every single donation made through our UNHCR car type this Ramadan.

#BeCareem and turn your ride into their refuge.


Choose the UNHCR car type for your ride

A small amount will be added to your total ride fare

Your donation goes directly to the UNHCR



  1. If you booked from KSA you’ll be donating 3SAR.
    If you booked from UAE you’ll be donating 3AED.
  2. Open your Careem app and select the UNCHR car type at the top. Once selected, hit Ride Now to book this car type.
  3. An amount will be added to your bill and you will be charged based on your selected method of payment. Please see our section on the respective donation amounts for each country.
  4. The UNHCR car type offers the same quality and affordability as our Economy cars
  5. Yes, the car type is charged at the same rate as an Economy ride with an additional donation amount added to the fare.
  6. Unfortunately, promo codes are not applicable when booking the UNCHR car type.
  7. All funds raised will go directly to UNHCR who works to alleviate some of the harsh circumstances faced by refugees from the MENA region.
  8. Yes, you can use credits from your Wallet to pay for the ride.
  9. Yes, loyalty programs will apply on the rides taken through the car type.