Celebrate Ramadan in Dubai with Careem DineOut

March 22, 2024

Ramadan holds important meaning for those who observe it. It’s a holy month of repentance, reflection and forgiveness. It’s also a time for Muslims to reconnect with family over a feast. And there’s no better time to bond than over iftar! With Dubai being a melting pot of cultures, over the years—like everything Dubai-style, iftars have also become something everyone, regardless of religious beliefs, partakes in.

When it comes to dining out, this city offers everything from the traditional Ramadan Majlises to heartwarming Arabic iftars to a pool of unique options.

Discover top iftar venues

This Ramadan, Careem DineOut simplifies the process of organising iftars with family, friends, or colleagues by allowing you to discover and book the best iftar experiences in Dubai, tailored to your preferences and budget easily and quickly through your smartphone.

We have curated handpicked venues that offer discounts up to 50% at over 200+ venues in Dubai, with 30% off Hala taxi rides to and from the venue so our users have the best value for money.  From Ramadan tents like Al Sultan Majlis, Award-winning restaurants such as Jun’s, iftars curated by star chefs like Chef Salam Dakkak of Bait Maryam, and traditional Middle Eastern iftars to a good selection of venues that offer iftars that are so unique—true to the essence of this city—inclusive of all cultures, DineOut offers them all.

Whether you’re a seasoned local who knows Ramadan like the back of your hand, a fresh face in the city, or just passing through, experiencing the vibrant flair of iftar in this country is a must-do. And with DineOut, we’ve made it effortlessly simple for you!

Ramadan Careem!

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