Iftar: Not the traditional way

March 28, 2024

Living in Dubai is like being in a whirlwind of surprises, where every celebration is an extravagant affair! With people hailing from all corners of the globe, Dubai has a vibrant mix of cultures, creating an atmosphere perfect for embracing togetherness and exploring diverse values. Whether you’re observing fasting or simply eager to soak up the Ramadan spirit, Careem DineOut has a plethora of options for you this Ramadan!

In Dubai, the iftar and suhoor scene is every foodie’s dream come true! Think traditional iftars with succulent lamb ouzi that practically melts in your mouth, perfectly grilled meats, and desserts—yes, please! Dubai’s iftar scene is like stepping into a culinary multiverse, with flavours from every corner of the globe. It’s like a foodie adventure that never ends! And since Ramadan seems to zip by faster than lightning, why not spice things up a bit with some “not your traditional iftar” options?

Explore Not Your Traditional Iftars

Break your fast at Leen’s with their set menu serving Japanese and European comfort food from Salmon Nigiri, Chicken Gyoza, and Shrimp Tempura Maki to Asparagus Risotto and Chicken Parmesan Pasta, all the while overlooking the Museum of Future to accompany your Ramadan meets with friends and family.

The ‘steaks are high’ if you miss this iftar at Le Petit Beefbar. Your food journey starts as they serve Avocado Hummus, Quesadillas, and Dragon Shrimp as starters. The show stopper is their popular steak frites served with Black Truffle Butter sauce.

An Asian iftar awaits you at TÀN CHÁ, a Michelin guide restaurant. Go for their terrace seating with a nice view of the canal. The highlight of the space is their interactive dragon show. Their iftar spread is pretty impressive for a seafood lover as they serve prawn and oyster delicacies and crowd favourites like Wagyu beef pot stickers.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is that  Italian iftar that you ‘knead’!  As the sun sets, break your fast where pizza and pasta with tangy sauce and crumbly cheese take centre stage all the while overlooking the beach and Dubai Eye.

Lately, Korean food has become the talk of the town. Hoe Lee Kow, with its iftar set menu, serves popular Korean delicacies like bulgogi, mandu, braised lamb ribs, and more. The dining space with its pink walls and yellow accents makes it a vibrant space to devour food that makes you go, Hoe Lee Kow, that’s good!