Vimbai Midzi on Doing Good at Careem

May 13, 2024

Vimbai Midzi is an Associate Director of Corporate Affairs at Careem, specialising in Doing Good projects, Careem’s social impact initiatives within the organisation. Since joining Careem three years ago, she has spearheaded multiple initiatives on the Careem platform that have had a significant positive impact on the lives of people throughout the Middle East region. Her contributions include the launch of Careem’s Right Click features and crisis-oriented programs designed to support colleagues and partners in challenging times of humanitarian crisis.


I started my career out as a digital and broadcast journalist in Southern Africa. I covered politics and gender (in)equity stories specifically, and it was hard, humbling, and challenging. During this time, I learnt a lot about telling stories that centre people’s dignity, and about how important it is to speak truth to power, especially in pseudo-democracies. 

After completing a Masters in International Development, I consulted as a Behaviour Change Communications professional for organisations like the UN, USAID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and more. I used my skills of storytelling and my experience in covering socially and politically sensitive topics to design progammes for health education, polio vaccination, countering violent extremism, political education, and more. I worked on projects for the UAE, Jordan, Ethiopia, DRC, Pakistan and Afghanistan. One of my favourite projects was helping produce a TV debate show on Ethiopia’s first privately owned TV channel, to help young people understand what issues they should consider before voting for the first time. 

When I joined Careem,  my initial focus was on elevating Careem’s brand externally and internally, setting a higher standard for corporate design and creativity, and importantly, carving out a sustainable path for our social impact in the region. The journey has been one of evolution, from addressing immediate brand needs to laying the groundwork for lasting institutional change.

Recent accomplishments

Working at Careem strikes a unique balance between the vibrant energy of a startup and the strategic focus required for sustainable business continuity. My typical day might range from updating charity contracts to designing sensitive yet impactful end-to-end campaigns for critical issues like the situation in Palestine. It’s a blend of routine and creativity, underpinned by discussions with Careem’s ambitious yet kind-hearted colleagues. This environment, where kindness and ambition coexist, makes tackling daily challenges and achieving high targets more feasible and fulfilling.

Careem has the highest number of people I’ve ever met that have a perfect balance between kindness and ambition. That’s what makes it easier to work here.

Building the Right Click donations platform was an example of the spirit that Careem Colleagues have. It was a passion project between senior engineers and product designers, myself, a product manager, and a data analyst who did NOT have this as part of their job descriptions, but helped because they wanted to be part of doing good for their communities. Where they could have said no, they rolled up their sleeves and helped us build a product that raised $110k over the month of Ramadan. It was a team effort and as a result, we have something we can be proud of and a foundation to build on so we can make even more impact.

Vimbai’s journey at Careem is a powerful narrative of impact and innovation. Through her work, she embodies the essence of Careem’s values, from building lasting institutions to being responsible for our communities and beyond. With determination and resourcefulness, she has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at fostering social responsibility within our organisation. Her collaborative spirit and tireless efforts serve as a testament to our collective commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond business objectives

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO & Co-Founder of Careem

Vimbai’s advice for new joiners

Careem will ask a lot of you and it will likely be one of the most challenging roles in your career if you really lean into it. But it will also give a hell of a lot back to you. You’ll learn so much in such a short span of time, that anything you choose to do after will feel not only possible but probable.

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