Introducing Right Click

March 04, 2024

12 years ago, Careem started with a purpose to simplify and improve the lives of people in the region, and to build an awesome organisation that inspires. Today, we’re doing this in 10 countries from Morocco to Pakistan. In addition to serving our customers, we’re helping solve some of the most challenging, pervasive developmental issues in our region. In the last five years (2018-2023), we have distributed over $4.7 million of humanitarian and development assistance, in partnership with over 35 non-profit and private sector partners, tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of colleagues that have donated generously.  

As our platform evolves into the region’s first ‘Everything App’, we’ve evolved in our thinking around social impact and how to change the course of people’s lives more holistically.

Enter Right Click – our new brand leveraging its technology to do good at scale.

Right Click

Launching on the first day of Ramadan, Right Click invites customers to discover more ways to connect with the community. Thereby bringing them closer to meaningful causes, and offering up simple ways to donate and change lives.

Crucially, the platform will raise the bar on transparency, not just with a greater upfront detail on how contributions will correlate to on-ground impact, but also reporting on how donations have made a difference over time.

Tom Sword, Senior Director of Brand at Careem

Our in-house agency, The Creative Studio, developed the new brand. They designed the name ‘Right Click’ to symbolize a literal call to take physical action. According to Sword, this is “a first step of discovery to unlock an idea”.

Platform for purpose

As a local brand, the first day of Ramadan holds unparalleled importance for us at Careem. The company was founded on this day 12 years ago, and has formed a rich heritage of positive action throughout the Holy Month every year.

In Tom’s own words, “Right Click will unite an evolved donations feature with the usual opportunities to do good across our services, embracing the philosophy of the Everything App, to offer a holistic opportunity for change”.

I have always believed that a good portion of Careem’s magic potion has come from a heritage of doing good. Stepping way beyond the scope of a Ride-hailing App / Super App / Everything App, or whatever we call ourselves next. Actually doing good.

Tom Sword, Senior Director of Brand at Careem

Right Click’s visual language is built on a concept of ‘pixels for purpose’. This winks at our heritage in the tech space, but brings a modern interpretation of pixels as building blocks for action. The pixel language crosses both the logo, with pixels literally dotting the i’s, and the overall visual system. Pixels form the icons of the brand pillars, as well as a grid system where they highlight opportunity for action.

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