More than just a ride – a cultural, Islamic, and historic journey!

April 02, 2024

Al-Madinah is one of the most important tourist spots in Saudi.

It contains the Prophet’s Mosque, which was built by the Holy Prophet, and contains his grave along with Abu Bakr and Omar Ibn AlKhattab. Quba Mosque was the first mosque built in Islam upon the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad to Medina.

The beauty and sanctity of this place attracts people from everywhere.

Whether you live there, going for a visit, or for any other reason. We’re introducing the best way to see the most beautiful and important places in this holy city.

Visit the oldest & holiest mosques in the world; Masjid Nabawi, Qubaa with its mihrab, high minarets, and the magnificent marble pulpit inside, and Al Qiblatayn mosque.

Stand on the lands of historical battles; Sites of Uhud, and Al-Khandaq.

Uhud is the largest and highest mountain in the city, the Battle of Uhud took place between Muslims and Quraysh, during which many of The Sahaba were martyred.

See Historical monuments at the Al-Hejaz Railway Museum; Dar Al-Madinah Museum. Or King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex.

And many more! Such as Al Aqiq Valley, Bir Al-Ghars, and Bir Al-Foqayr well. And if you’re into art, visit Al-Madinah Art Center to see various archaeological collectibles from the ancient Islamic civilization.

Just choose one of these tours below, & leave the rest to us!

Medina Tours (2 hours) = SAR 199

Visit up to 5 historical sites with our Captains.

Medina Tours (5 hours) = SAR 429

Enjoy exploring up to 12 historical sites!

This experience will not be just an ordinary trip.

Live a cultural and historical trip, in comfortable and reliable cars.

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